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Hi the names trojan. and I'm fond of reading and writing genderbend fics so finding this community is really a stroke of luck! I hope we'll have a great time!
Hey i was wondering if anyone knew of any good fics that have Naruto born as a girl.  Let me know please!

Ja ne!
I'm conducting a small survey on readerships in fandom for a class, and was wondering if people would mind taking a few minutes to answer a fairly short, 10-question survey about their participation in fandom. I would really appreciate any input you might have!

Click here to take the survey

Crossposted to...well, every LJ fandom community I'm in. :) Please feel free to pass on the survey link to your friends and post it in your own journals, as the more responses I get, the more data I have to analyze. Thanks very, very much!

ETA: The previous link expired. You can now take the survey here. Thank you!


Hi everyone! I'm... me, the new mod 

lazynin brought in to pick up the slack around here. 

I just thought I'd introduce myself and ask you guys what you'd like to see change or happen in the comm and stuff along those lines. Give me suggestions and I'll see what I can do, alright? New layout, challenges, whatever you can't think of, just holler.



Hi, i'm new to this community but i was totally psyched when i found it. I was actually wondering if anyone could recommend some fics where Sasuke is a girl (not turned into one but born one; Sasuko, or whatever her name would be) and Naruto is a guy. Also, if anyone knows some fics where both are girls. I would really appreciate the help.
Hello! :D Mod here, and I have a very important question.

Would someone else like to be the main mod? I've not got the time (though I'll stick around some because this comm is my baby and I'll miss it. u__u; ). If you'd like to, please apply using the form below. All comments are screened and I will make my decision on August 15. You don't need to write me an essay on it, but at least a small paragraph would be nice. If you really want the community, write more. ♥

Hi, new comm member, coming through. I'm Kazza, my birthday is on the 16th of January, I like Naruko and Sasuko because I have an obsession with drawing male characters as females, I can't remember how I got here (I think I followed a link from somewhere...) and I do fanart.

And speaking of fanart...

Worksafe, Rated G.Collapse )
Now here's the proper story of Pick up the Phone. Lemme know what you think.

Pick up the Phone
Part 1
Summary: Naruto and Sasuke did not even think that a simple visit in the temple would have devastating effects. Not until Sasuke starts seeing...himself in another manifestation. Dont fuck with me, this isnt real Sasuke says as the white slender hands slowly encircle his neck...

to Part 1
So yeah, LOL I've been thinking for a considerable time on how to present a Saki fic, and the multiple personality disorder is too tempting not to tap. After some contemplations and real-life happenings this fic came to birth. So, Asuka-san, I'm not really sure if I have characterized Saki-chan here correctly but I've done what I can and adapted her in this type of the story.

Title: Pick up the Phone
Beta: argent_aurora
Genre: Pyschologica/Horror
Characters: Team 7 and Saki

Sasuke never asked for it. But maybe he did on the other consciousness of his mind. But who would like to abolish their other self? Saki does. And Sasuke learns what it means to be haunted. And no, he is NOT afraid. Never.
Author: Ren Apple
Pairing: NaruSasu and SakuraLee
Warning: Yaoi. Possible Lemon. OoC. Weirdness.
Rating: PG-13
Word Length: 1724 words

Summary: Do you know me? Do you remember me? You will.

A/N: Well, not much to say except I have a really good idea where I want this to go, and I have already started on chapter three. I don’t want to go too quickly to where you as the reader become confused on where the story is heading but too slowly as to where you don’t want to read anymore. Ugh… Enjoy!

Back Track: Chapter One

Chapter Two