Oi everyone! Here is one funny conversation and enlightenment that I passed around from one good friend and then to another. So, here you can find out the reaction of my dearest Hee-chan and then the all (in?)famous Micheal (everyone may or may not know of) when they learn of Sasuke's pregnancy! lol. Yeah, I know you are curious now! So here is the link insane people similar to me, but maybe not all quite over the edge: (wait! I nearly forgot! There is another community here I can crosspost this to, and here I am doing it! Hello new community I added! Here I give you something for the first time to welcome myself in and say hello! Hope you appreciate it! I have also crossposted to naruxsasu.... and I have decided to respect the sasuxnaru community and NOT pass on this lovely post there.... because this is indeed not SasuNaru, lol. Though, funny! So, that said, if any of you are also in that community and want to pass it on to others there to see because you think the humor should be shared, make that call. As me not being a fan and advent SasuNaru lover I don't feel I have right. And if you are like me: pass the word my fellow NaruSasu lovers to SasuNaru lovers who may miss out! ^_~)

Shinigami Twin 04:  did you hear?

TheMicheal:  unfortunately

Shinigami Twin 04:  Sasuke had Naruto's baby! Episode 30 Watch the 10 minute mark!

(I give the link here)

TheMicheal: then he eats it...

Shinigami Twin 04: No.... dear it wasn't eaten, Kyubi protects its kits better than that

TheMicheal:  you've ruined it...  -.-

Shinigami Twin 04:  How did I ruin it?! Come now, you didn't even make fun of it once?

TheMichea:  nope, except for calling Sasuke a pussy

Shinigami Twin 04:  HEY!

TheMicheal:  heh

Shinigami Twin 04:  No need for name calling! You try having a baby and see how you like it!


And on another AIM at the same time, my dearest beloved Hee-chan helps me get the explanation across to our poor confused little Michael here. Lol. Ah, isn’t life grand when everyone can understand yaoi implications! ^__^ See her work here:


Shinigami Twin 01:   Watch this starting from the 10:00 minutes time on the timer, given you don't want to watch the entire ten mintues, lol. (link given here) 

Shinigami Twin 01:  It's the perfect dialogue for a NaruSaru impreg fic.

TheMicheal: not really dialogue, just grunting

Shinigami Twin 01: "Sasuke-kun is...(giving birth)! Sasuke-kun is...(giving birth)!" "Naruto-kun! Naruto-kun! (Come down here and hold his hand like I am! It's your responsibility! You're a man now! You just had to go and knock up the poor naive Sasuke, and look at the mess you left him in! WAKE UP AND GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" 

Shinigami Twin 01: See. Perfect.

TheMicheal: oh my

Shinigami Twin 01: See, what did I tell you?

Shinigami Twin 01: Perfect.

TheMicheal: scary how it fits


AND WE HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH! And naturally I get excited at this news:


Shinigami Twin 04:  YES! You understand how it fits!!! THE DIALOGUE! It does! Doesn't it? lol

TheMicheal:  -.-

Shinigami Twin 04:  You know it

TheMicheal:  I will never look at it the same again

Shinigami Twin 04:  That is why I am surprised you never realized before. Genau, that is as it should be. Cause,... well... really, it is quite humorous, why would you want to look at it all serious and Sasuke is a pussy? That is not nearly as much fun.

TheMicheal:  every time I hear Sasuke scream, I'm going to think, "Is it kicking?"

Shinigami Twin 04:  lmao! YES! Corruption to the core!

TheMicheal:  no, my purity! my innocence! gone...

Shinigami Twin 04:  yea, we're eating it. Tasty…

TheMicheal:  like Sasuke eats babies

Shinigami Twin 04:  Kinda... but not quite as evil, not quite. But remember, he doesn't eat his own!

TheMicheal:  He'll just eat the placenta

TheMicheal:  damn

Shinigami Twin 04:  OMG! YAY! You are with us!!!


And so ends the initial corruption. Ah, but wait, there is more. I took the liberties of introducing him to more Sasuke preggy goodness (well… maybe not for some, but for me and Hee-chan yeah, and that is what matters here.) Besides, EVERYONE can find it entertaining, that is why I post it, no da? (duh, huh?) So, here is still more:


Where Michael gets excerpts of theninjakitty’s (I think that was the livejournal name of the author... damn me if that is wrong, someone make sure to correct or tell me otherwise) great lovely fic (thus so far… I’ve only read two chapters… so, yeah… anyways.) named SelfReliance on ff.net. I recommend any and all NaruSasu goers that can take Mpreg Sasuke to go and check it out! Love it! (And SasuNaru goers too for that matter if you can handle it! But I don't ask the world here... so... yeah.) Yeah, yeah, fic promotions… those happen. Lol. So, here’s the convo:


Shinigami Twin 04: This is hilarious:

“Are you pregnant?” Naruto asked Sasuke with all the blunt aptitude of a two-by-four. Sasuke’s dark eyes flicked up quickly, calmly. “Yes.” [Sasuke answered.] “Good, ‘cause man, wouldn’t that be some weird shit if—” Naruto froze, his eyes widening as he actually took a moment to listen to the reply he’d been given. “Wait. You said yes.”

TheMicheal: oh my

Shinigami Twin 04: lmao. Genau, and it gets even better (you may appreciate Naruto's comment here):

“Yes, I did,” Sasuke agreed, pouring the boiling water into the waiting teapot. “And I am. Almost five months pregnant, to be precise. I thought even you would have realized that by now, dobe, but I suppose I’ve just misjudged your intelligence once again. Sorry for my mistake.” “But you--“ Naruto spluttered, his voice reaching an unexpectedly scandalized high note. “--You can’t do that! You’re male; men don’t have babies!” “I’m not male right now,” he said with a minimal shrug, handing Naruto a cup of tea. “Not fully at least, due to Sexy-no-jutsu.” “What!” the kyuubi-boy barked, pointing a shaking finger at his rival. “That’s my technique, you bastard! I didn’t give you permission to filch it for your malign uses! You can’t abuse my technique to have man-babies!”

TheMicheal: heh.  man-babies

Shinigami Twin 04: lmao, genau.  I thought you would be entertained by that.

Shinigami Twin 04: I LOVE this argument:

“Sharingan.” Sasuke pointed out succinctly with what might have been a slight smile, had Uchiha Sasuke been capable of any lasting expression other than Bored With the World at Large, Smugly Amused, or Incredibly Pissed Off. “It makes any technique fair game, dobe, because it’s the other ninja’s fault for showing it to me. --And you have no place to complain when I’ve finally realized a logical use for your dumbass move.” “A logical use!” Naruto fumed, glaring blue bullets at his rival. “Getting girls who are technically guys knocked up is not a logical use for my beautiful skill! Why the hell--firstly, what guy did you get to sleep with you, and secondly, why? We have women for these things, you stupid bastard!”


Well… wasn’t that mildly entertaining at least? I know at least a couple who would think so. Anyways… that about ends that conversation because he began freaking out that he began reading the actual yaoi part. (I gave away the baby was Naruto’s, ah… dudes can’t handle the truth sometimes… not so tough as they like to think. Lol.)


Comments, please? Was it at least a little funny? (looks hopeful) Any? This wasn’t as easy to post and edit into full happy funniness as you may think. Lol.


Sending Humor to All Gladly and Generously,
Shinigami Twins 
(WOAH! We posted something TOGETHER! Amazing… and Hee-chan, it had to do with Naruto… lmao, she called me a retard… oh well NARUTARD POWER! ^___^) Everyone thank the lovely Hee-chan for the editing job which made this all the easier to read!