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Boobies time! (Sasuko fanart n.nU)

título o descripción

Hope you like n_n
Wow damn, she's hot. Nice adaptation and pose ^^ (who looks like mommy? you do, Sasuke-chan, yes you do~) I love the hand on the sword, it's really pretty and I love how you draw nails. The hair might look a little more natural if you added more downward spikes until they meet the falling-down-straight ones? otherwise it's a little like she cut only the top of her head, and the rest of her hair is mysteriously thin and flat. It looks alright, but when you think about it, it ends up a pretty weird idea. XD

All in one, cute pic! ^^
I really like the b&w quality of the pic. Very Kishimoto. Love the Temari pose! He'd be so bitchy as a girl, really. Hotness!

WHOAH O____O. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that this WILL be how Sasu-chan looks like if he ever decided to pull a oiroke no jutsu. I love, and I mean LOVE, how you've kept his face relatively the same and only added diminutive adjustments for more feminity. That goes for the hair too! It's still the same style yet it looks so much prettier because you've extended it's length just the right amount. Ohh, then there's the expression, clothes, and pose too! GUHH. Too damn hot and fiesty for words (Haha, his chest looks like it's in the danger of falling out though XD)! Pleease draw more soon!