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People should keep me from boredom.

Introducing...Female Naruto and Sasuke!

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Base: PPKH
D'awah. Those are adorable. I love Sasuke for some reason. Hm... the hair, maybe? Either way, much love~

Well, with Sasuke, I don't think he'd be a girly-girl but still be comfortable with himself. Also, he's Uchiha; an important clan that's prideful. I've always thought that hair-style was rather elegant in it's own way. (Hopefully you understood that. ^^; Making sense=not my forte.)

Thanks for your comment!
naruto doesn't look much like himself, hair's not spiky or blond enough, but the sasuke is perfect. X so elegant-prissy-looking. =D
I couldn't find a palette that was light enough to match Naruto's hair, which annoyed me, as did the hair style I did. I had it in little pigtails at first, but decided that I didn't like it. To be honest, I might redo Naruto's hair completely since the colour is off and the style isn't what I wanted (was trying for a layered, choppy look).

Any ideas for how I should style the hair?
hmm, you could keep the top, i think, but maybe do the bottom (under her ears) with little spikes along her jaw? and naruto's hair woud look good not as pure yellow, but as very clear orange, perhaps. ^_^ the clothes are cute, though, are you going to add shoes?
No, shoes on this base always seem to look weird to me.

Is this what you mean?

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Or this one?

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And is this colour alright?

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(I wish we could edit already posted things...)
hmm, already better, but try a little paler? *ponders* (grrr, i don't have my art program on this computer. else i'd show you what i mean. hnn. ...maybe your screen and mine don't have the same colors. D: )
(Had to make dinner.)

Okay, I think I've gotten the colour...

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But the spikes, after I redid them a few times, look really...messed. Not like real hair.

(I've been using paint to make my dolls since last year; maybe they'll work on there for you?)
ohh,the color's better ^^ and it's already better like that. (i'm not allowed to use art programs on this computer, it's not mine and, well, she's kinda weird about it =_=;;)
Really? 'Cause the spikes are starting to annoy me. -Pouts- I'll just edit this post and change Naruto.
hrrm. more like this one i think, but the spikes should follow the curve of her head. kind of like a sun, they shouldn't all be pointing downwards, see what i mean? naruto's hair would spike at the ends if it's kept this short (the only reason sasuke's isn't spiking back is probably that it's too long for it XD)
really cute!
how did you make thoses???
Well, you start with a base--mainly a naked body that either has details or doesn't-, outline clothing, shade, so on and so forth until done. Have you ever seen dollmaker? This is the same thing; I'm just the one making them by hand(mouse?).
oh dollmaker i thought it was that! thank you!
sorry i was Anonymous i forgot 2 sign in
Love your icon too! :D
Thanks! Yeah, my sister gave it too me (sad part, it's sorta true...only without the conquering of the world bit).
If it's not how she gave it to you then it's truly yours... eh eh eh
can I quote it?
Sure, if you wish to.
go to http://elouai.com/doll-makers/new-dollmaker.php . There are guy bases. and if you want to see my Sasuke and Naruto (both boys and sexy-no-jutsu go to my profile)