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Hm... this stuff is pretty darn old, but I cropped out some sketchy Naruko/Sasuko goodies from a massive SasuNaru porn p-chat I did with tehtori a while back.... (If you follow the sasuxnaru community closely, you might have already seen a smaller version - I'm reposting fullsize. The full pchat logs are posted in my y!Gal... =_=;;;)

I also added in some old request doodles from sasuxnaru that I did... >_>;;; *sigh* no new material, right? :(


Posted without permission.
Hyaa, I've seen these *__* though it never hurts to see them again.

Naruko looks so mortified that Sasuke's *fap fap*-ing xDD *hearts;
>_> I meant ♥ but I put a * in instead of & and it didnt work *_*;;
wait, what do you type to write the heart?
& hearts; remove the space after the & ^_^ ♥
Kage bunshin molestation~~! ♥ ZOMG THAT IS WIN. *savesave*