How in the seven worlds I've managed to forget posting this fic here when this comm is perfect for this kind of things? kami yo... Good thing I updated. *slaps forehead*

Title: Reincarnation
Notes: Ironic thing is that at even though Tokyo is mentioned, 70% of the story actually happened in Chiba(a prefecture near Tokyo). Hmn. Its currently at its (half of) 6th chapter by now. Another thing. I've fit the canon story at around 1400-1500s of the Japanese history somewhere at the Onin Wars and before a concentrated seat of government was established in Japan.

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Introductions? Perhaps yes. (And this is technically my first post here) I'm not a solid yaoi fan. And obviously enough, I'm not a solid het fan either. And I like making Sasuke a girl because its just so freaking amusing *sadistic grin*. Well not all the times though. ;) June 23, 19xx I have more confidence in making fanarts than stories because I'm not that good in English. *coughasiancough* And besides, its actually my trade career *ignores the commish work at the other window* But i cant do fanstuffs right now because i've just declared hiatus and will not go back on posting yet.