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Hey everybody! I'm Caitlin, but you can call me Caitie. =3 My birthday's July 17. ^^ Um.. what I like about Sasuko/Naruko? Well, I have to say it's hell of a lot more original than Sasuke/Naruto, and there are probably less twelve-year-old rabid yaoi fangirls in the fandom, so... we'll have better fics and crap? Ah, I don't know. But hey, everyone loves some hot lesbian loving. lazynin posted about this comm, and um I just had to join. *_*

And so this isn't completely pointless, here is a pic I drew a couple days ago, including Sasuko and Naruko. Anyone on my f-list has probably already seen it, but... hey, well, that's how it goes sometimes.

X3 Cute! That akamaru *__* awww. and the neji! ..wait, stay on track, right

....you know, I bet Sai's about ready to stop smiling right now--no penis D:
Sankyuu. <3

LOL, and I know, I was just thinking of that. Poor Sai. :D
HEE HEE. *STALKS* This picture is love. ^^
I'm sorry, but Neji still pwns all. Welcome to the community, Caitlin-san! I need to make my own introduction post now. . .
Yes, yes you do >3
*sighs* You always know how to get me workin', Alyssa-seme.
cool ))) but where is Kakashi ?? )) sorry, can u make Kakashi sensei too ? ))) Hi sou great - just super!!! I like him ) Please.....
Look, buddy. . .that's a bit rude. She didn't ask for any requests, did she?
Well, I'm glad you liked it, but as Ladii said, that was a tad bit rude. I didn't say I was taking requests, and besides, this is a Sasuke and Naruto community. >_>
Hahaha. Sasuko's UBERDUCKBUTT is awesome.

XD This picture makes my day.

...OMG, is that Ukon and his brother in the corner there? <3333
Thank you! XD I'm glad you liked it.

And yup, that's Sexy no Jutsu!Sakon and Ukon. XD I'm a huge rabid Sound-nin fan, almost everything I draw is them. *guilty look*.
I second that Sasuko's hair is awesome. *-*