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Hello. This is a reminder to those who signed up in this post that your presents are due on or before the birthday of the person you signed up to make a present for (dont be late or you'll have a very unhappy mod on your hands!). ♥

If you would like to make your post anonymous, then feel free to send me an email (lazynin@yahoo.com) saying your LJ name, who its for, and include the present itself. I will post it, and make note that its not my own work, but the person wants to keep it secret. 8D
You can also tell me in a reply to this post (theyre all screened) that you will be sending a present to someone, and give the email address I should expect to see in my inbox.

All birthdays not signed up for, though I can not say specifically, I will be drawing for. If they are late, I am terribly sorry, but this is a hectic month for me. ♥

Heres a reminder for those birthdays in July:

lazynin, krystalfaerie - 10
quirkerstein - 13
hime_no_nishi, theash - 15
farfallanera - 17
brichibi, phoenixdown7 - 19

There will be no more sign-ups from here on for the month of July. August's post will be made soon.
July is here now, so its time to set up the birthday post for August! ♥

This upcomming month of August, there are two birthdays! (Feel free to add yourself to the birthday list by leaving a comment in the other post!)

This means -- The second Monthly Birthday Challenge

askerian - 18
rainbowwhore - 29

Sign up to make fic or art or something for someone by the last day of July, when I will make another post. If you sign up, though, pull through with it. Feel free to do something for more than one person. Comments in this post are screened.

The presents are due on or before the persons birthday that you sign up for . This, and a few other things will be included in the post at the end of the month. ♥

Comments that I unscreen are those of the people that will be recieving gifts, if they have a special request they'd like people to do for them.

Note that if you're so kind as to both give and recieve in the same month, then please leave your request in a separate comment than the comment where you offer to art/fic/drabble for someone. I cant unscreen the comment if you tell who you're doing something for in it.

If you've any questions, drop 'em here. I'll unscreen and reply. <3 Same rule as above with signing up and questions--leave them in separate posts so that I can unscreen.

A question I will not answer is if a certain person is already recieving a gift or who is giving a gift to another. The only time I might answer such a question is if the number of people recieving gifts that month exceeds five.