I wrote this for 20_truths and thought I'd share it with you wonderful folks. Ah, I like the 'sexy' jutsu because I like screwing with people's heads. My birthday is November 26th. I wander from community to community, so I have no idea where, exactly, I might have run across this one, though sn_vs_ns might be a good bet since I tumbled over them about the same time I started watching here...bah, on with the ficcage! *good guy pose*

Title: 20 Things a Man Should Never Know or When Did Naruto Learn the Oiroke no Jutsu, Anyway?
Characters: Naruto, Suzume (No pairing)
Rating: PG
Warning: *kerblinku* It's an Oiroke no Jutsu community ... the only thing that might surprise you all is that I ignored fanon and didn't call her Naruko. *gasp* The horror! *snickers*
Note: As this is a fake cut back to my journal, this post has a few other 20 Truths ficlets with it. Read or not as you like.

( Uzumaki Naruto )