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Hey there, sexy no jutsu lovers!  I was informed that  this ficlet would be appreciated here, and  I am a comments whore, so I agreed.  This is actually my first time writing Naruko, if you can believe it.  ^_^;

Title: Changes
Author: Desolate Butterfly
Pairing: Sasuke/Naruto
Genre: General/Romance, ficlet, sexy-no-jutsu abuse
Rating: PG 13
Summary:  Some things in Konoha change.  Some things stay the same.



At first, when Sasuke opened the door to his apartment to find a buxom, blonde pig-tailed girl, half-naked and wrestling with a pair of nylon stockings in his living room, he had to check to see if he had somehow entered the wrong house.

Then the girl looked up from her task and grinned at him in a familiar, annoying way and Sasuke knew his day was about to get worse.

“Sasuke-kuuun,” the girl simpered.  “Welcome ho—”

“No,” Sasuke interrupted, plunking a set of kunai down by the couch and shrugging out of his shirt.  “Absolutely not.”

The blonde pouted and her voice lost a bit of its coyness.  “Aw, come on Sasuke-bastard.  You said you needed a date for this thing.”

“If I had wanted to take a girl, I would have asked Sakura.”

Naruko rolled her eyes and gave a final yank on her pantyhose.  It still sagged a bit at her ankles, and there was a small rip above the left knee which would turn into a gaping hole in about thirty seconds.

“Sakura-chan is going with Fuzzybrows, and it took about twelve-hundred laps around Konoha on his elbows before she said yes, so I don’t think he would be too keen on you stealing his date.”  Naruko followed Sasuke into the bedroom and watched as he took off the various weapons strapped to his limbs and placed them in their proper holders. 

“Besides which,” the blonde continued, fluttering her eyelashes in an attempt to look seductive, “I make a perfectly good girl!”


The Uchiha made a sound of derision as he shucked himself of his pants and underwear. 


“Says who?”

“Jiraiya,” Naruko answered, eyes riveted to her boyfriend’s ass as he stalked across the room, unselfconsciously nude.  She made a small moue of disappointment as that well-muscled backside was promptly wrapped in a towel and Sasuke turned to glare at her with narrowed eyes.


“Pervert,” he muttered.

“Me or Jiraiya?”

“Both of you.”


The blonde grinned and moved closer to the barely clothed Uchiha, draping her arms around his neck and making sure to rub her breasts against that strong, bare chest. 

“Hey,” she smiled, “can I help it if you’re standing there, all naked and tempting?”

One of Sasuke’s hands wound itself into the butter-coloured tresses trailing over Naruko’s shoulders, while the other caressed slowly down the small of the other’s back.

“Who’s being tempting?” Sasuke murmured, pressing a kiss to the crown of the girl’s head.


Naruko reached up on tip-toe in order to direct those lips to a much better place.  When they broke the kiss, Naruko’s delicate fingers had moved up to cup Sasuke's jaw, and Sasuke's hands had moved lower to grope a nylon-covered bottom.

“Admit it, Sasuke,” Naruko whispered.  “You like me as a girl.”

“I like you as a guy better,” Sasuke replied, moving back a bit and trying to rescue his towel which was riding dangerously low on his hips at that point.  “There are certain perks that go along with having a male body.”

Naruko laughed and stepped back.  “I knew it,” he chortled.  “Don’t worry bastard, I’ll make sure you receive all the effects of my big “perk” later tonight.”


“Tch.”  Sasuke scowled and stomped off to the bathroom.  “You’d better have some balls by the time I get out of the shower, dobe.”

“Oh it’s not my balls you’re after, Sasuke, it’s my big, hard—”


The slamming of the bathroom door cut short Naruko’s sentence and his ensuing peals of laughter.  While Sasuke soaped his skin and sluiced off the dust and sweat that had accumulated on his body during the day, he tried to rid himself of annoying images of Naruto with girl’s breasts and a fully male lower-half.  Really, the picture shouldn’t have been as appealing as his groin was insisting it was.

Sasuke didn’t like girls much, as a rule.  They were too soft, too fragile, and too passive for his tastes.  But he had to admit that Jiraiya was right: the blonde made a pretty cute girl. 

Still, the Military Police banquet invitation had requested that Sasuke bring his spouse, and the closest thing to a spouse Sasuke had, was Naruto.  And Naruto was (usually) a man.  Even if the rest of the Force wasn’t used to seeing Sasuke parade his boyfriend around, he wasn’t going to hide Naruto like he was ashamed of him.


Besides which, half of the people turning up to see an Uchiha be restored to the Head of the Police Corps his family had once founded already knew he was with Naruto anyway.  And it wasn’t like they were unfamiliar with the sexy-no-jutsu either.

His mind made up, Sasuke turned off the shower and exited the bathroom only to find a still female Naruto, dressed in a silvery grey kimono with bright orange haori with koi embroidered on its sleeves, hem, and back.  The blonde was currently struggling to tie the matching obi, having given up on the pantyhose altogether in exchange for bright white tabi.  She perked up as the wet shinobi made his way into the room.

“Oi, bastard, help me out with this, will ya?”

Sasuke rolled his eyes and took the obi from Naruto.  “Change back,” he said.



“Do it.  Or I’m not going and we can just stay here while they banquet without us.”

Naruko frowned.  “It’s a party for you.  You can’t not be there.”


“I can if you don’t change back right now.”


“Fi-i-i-ne,” Naruko huffed, then made the series of hand seals that transformed his body back into the hard, muscled lines of a man.  The haori gaped open as Naruto grew a little broader in the shoulders then his previous shape, but his size did not change overmuch.  “But now I have to change my clothes.”

“Why?” Sasuke asked.  “You have a pair of hakama to go with it, right?”


“Y-yeah,” Naruto blushed, “but I’m still wearing women’s underwear.”

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow and smirked at Naruto’s embarrassed fidgeting.  Still naked and wet from his shower, he took the ends of the obi in his hand and looped the cloth around his boyfriend’s neck, using it to pull the other closer.


“Keep those on,” he whispered, then left Naruto to gasp quietly in the corner while he put on his formal uniform and accompanying weapons.

When the blonde had finally regained enough composure to speak, Sasuke was already dressed and ready to leave.

“Kinky bastard,” Naruto accused weakly, as he pulled on the hakama and slipped his feet into his sandals.


Wordlessly, Sasuke tossed the discarded pantyhose at Naruto’s face and watched, amused, as the other man ducked the nylon missile and grabbed his hitai-ate from the dresser.


“Ready, dobe?”


“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” Naruto replied, poking the stiff fabric of his uniform jacket, catching a knuckle on a brass button.

Sasuke adjusted the brace of kunai tucked into the side of his jacket and took up the decorative katana from its holder by the front door, slinging it loosely across his back.


“I was born ready.”




All comments are appreciated.  ^_^

Ah, I liii~ked it. Even as a female, the attitude of Naruto was perfect, including how s/he was attempting to seduce Sasuke~ *__*

'Keep those on' and 'kinky bastard' wound up being my favorite lines. Because, dude... <3