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This would have been up earlier but I fell asleep. -Flushes- Sorry. Anyways, the doll is loosely based off of the picture that fukinoko drew for you. This is the second one because the one that actually looks like the picture, turned out weird.

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Base: Orange Crux

Anyways, Happy Birthday, theash!
*gushes* Awh, how cute is that~ ♥
Thank you!
Its pretty........*_* THANK YOU! *clings*
Your very welcome! ^-^
Oi I'm sorry I havn't replied and its like a week late ^ ^; I have so many people on my watch that important stuff gets jumbled up with the other peoples entires.
That's fine; since it's summer, I just figured you had went somewhere for a vacation. I'm just happy you like it.
Ah na no vaca for me ^ ^ I like it. Its really cute <3
Thanks! In all honestly, it took me almost a month simply because the base I started with did not look good in a kimono. The outline of it was completely based off the picture of Naruko but the pose of the base was awkward and didn't want to work for me. The one I gave you was first pixeled to look like the picture too, but it looked even more weird. I decided to do a complete kimono after that with all the little do-dads, etc. The bow in the back wasn't done simply because the picture of a real kimono didn't show it, and I didn't know how big that can actually get.
Woah... You worked a month to make this?! Ano... I never really understood dolls or anything like that. I got bases but never really knew how to put them together so I gave up. But this one looks really awsome ^ ^ Hehe now I just feel like awsome cus someone put all that hard work in for me *clings* Thankuu so much niichan <3

Your very welcome; don't worry, I had time and I didn't know if I should've written something for you or something that I knew would have actually gotten finished.

-Writes drabbles for a reason-
*CLINGSAGAIN* Hi Its me I just don wanna sign out of my rp journal ^ ^;;
That's fine; I've seen the username before so I know who you are.
COOL! I'm well known then 8D