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Hi, introduction post soo.. You can just call me by my LJ name 'oddcookie', or if you wanna get more personal (uh..) you can just address me by my actual name, Camille. I don't mind which you use, either one is fine, it's like whatev :/.... I'm so happy a comm like this was made :D I adore sasunaru already, no matter the gender (just as long as they're same-sexed, ah hot.) xD

Yeah, aand.. I guess I can offer up my art. Since I'm absolute rubbish at writing or iconmaking, and etc.

Like it says, just an old doodle, so it's not very pretty x_x
Done around mid 2005 I think. It's the only thing I have scanned in at the moment on this computer, though I hope to post some nicer things at some point.
*_* Ah, cute!

Even if it is an old doodle, its better than most can do, huh? *grin*

I absolutely adore their expressions~
'tis preeetteh. ♥
T.T I wish I could draw that well!

Kyaaa~ so cute!