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Oya minna, i've updated my fic.

For those that do not know the story, this is the summary.


[Tokyo, year 2006.]
7-year old Uchiha Sasuke woke up from a long coma with some memory of his life as a Konoha shinobi 6 thousand years ago. Afterwards, he is never the same again. Of course he could not be the same again.

He's now a girl, you know. (Because bad karma hits you when you dont expect it the most.)

And she thought that meeting Naruto in their second life is good karma... well that thought is going to change sooner.

New Chapter
Over the time I was gone, these four birthdays were missed.

xiaobai7988 - 7
na_no_nai - 2
weeaboo - 3
sakata - 22

Feel free to make something for these members, and try to have them all in before the end of December. Comments are not screened in this post--you need not notify me if you're accepting to do something for these b-days.
... u__u life has stolen me away. Im back to being a good mod, though~ 8D

November is here now, so its time to set up the birthday post for December! ♥

This upcomming month of December, there are no birthdays! (Feel free to add yourself to the birthday list by leaving a comment in the other post!)

This means -- Lets get ready for January just in case I disappear again! :D

The third Monthly Birthday Challenge (January 'o7):

cutemew - 5
bubble - 28

Sign up to make fic or art or something for someone by the last day of December, when I will make another post. If you sign up, though, pull through with it. Feel free to do something for more than one person. Comments in this post are screened.

The presents are due on or before the persons birthday that you sign up for. This, and a few other things will be included in the post at the end of the month. ♥

Comments that I unscreen are those of the people that will be recieving gifts, if they have a special request they'd like people to do for them.

Note that if you're so kind as to both give and recieve in the same month, then please leave your request in a separate comment than the comment where you offer to art/fic/drabble for someone. I cant unscreen the comment if you tell who you're doing something for in it.

If you've any questions, drop 'em here. I'll unscreen and reply. <3 Same rule as above with signing up and questions--leave them in separate posts so that I can unscreen.

A question I will not answer is if a certain person is already recieving a gift or who is giving a gift to another. The only time I might answer such a question is if the number of people recieving gifts that month exceeds five.
How in the seven worlds I've managed to forget posting this fic here when this comm is perfect for this kind of things? kami yo... Good thing I updated. *slaps forehead*

Title: Reincarnation
Notes: Ironic thing is that at even though Tokyo is mentioned, 70% of the story actually happened in Chiba(a prefecture near Tokyo). Hmn. Its currently at its (half of) 6th chapter by now. Another thing. I've fit the canon story at around 1400-1500s of the Japanese history somewhere at the Onin Wars and before a concentrated seat of government was established in Japan.

Start at Chapter 1

Introductions? Perhaps yes. (And this is technically my first post here) I'm not a solid yaoi fan. And obviously enough, I'm not a solid het fan either. And I like making Sasuke a girl because its just so freaking amusing *sadistic grin*. Well not all the times though. ;) June 23, 19xx I have more confidence in making fanarts than stories because I'm not that good in English. *coughasiancough* And besides, its actually my trade career *ignores the commish work at the other window* But i cant do fanstuffs right now because i've just declared hiatus and will not go back on posting yet.
Hi, i have some art for these two, horribly G for the moment i'm afraid :<

ART: Naruko and Sasu-... whatever you call girl SasukeCollapse )
Erm... isn't it odd that my first post in a community... period, like ever... is to post a nekkid, but not nekkid Sasuko/Naruko fanart?

Warnings: Nekkid... but technically not nekkid (you know... Love Hina naked?) Sasuko/Naruko.

Clicky?Collapse )

I'm such a livejournal noob, that I can't decide whether this is x-posted or not (was going to post this in sasuxnaru... but... I don't know...).

People should keep me from boredom.

Introducing...Female Naruto and Sasuke!

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Base: PPKH
Boobies time! (Sasuko fanart n.nU)

New outfit!Collapse )

Hope you like n_n
Oi everyone! Here is one funny conversation and enlightenment that I passed around from one good friend and then to another. So, here you can find out the reaction of my dearest Hee-chan and then the all (in?)famous Micheal (everyone may or may not know of) when they learn of Sasuke's pregnancy! lol. Yeah, I know you are curious now! So here is the link insane people similar to me, but maybe not all quite over the edge: (wait! I nearly forgot! There is another community here I can crosspost this to, and here I am doing it! Hello new community I added! Here I give you something for the first time to welcome myself in and say hello! Hope you appreciate it! I have also crossposted to naruxsasu.... and I have decided to respect the sasuxnaru community and NOT pass on this lovely post there.... because this is indeed not SasuNaru, lol. Though, funny! So, that said, if any of you are also in that community and want to pass it on to others there to see because you think the humor should be shared, make that call. As me not being a fan and advent SasuNaru lover I don't feel I have right. And if you are like me: pass the word my fellow NaruSasu lovers to SasuNaru lovers who may miss out! ^_~)

Curious? OF COURSE YOU ARE!Collapse )

Sending Humor to All Gladly and Generously,
Shinigami Twins 
(WOAH! We posted something TOGETHER! Amazing… and Hee-chan, it had to do with Naruto… lmao, she called me a retard… oh well NARUTARD POWER! ^___^) Everyone thank the lovely Hee-chan for the editing job which made this all the easier to read!

Nothing really, I'm just wondering if any of you have seen this fanart.

Naruto looks like he's stolen Sakura's medic skirt and Sasuke...well, Sasuke looks like the illegitimate child of Oro and Anko.  Whoo, that's a lot of thigh.  ^^