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Naruto + Sasuke + Sexy no Jutsu = Great Crack OTP EVER
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A Naruto community for fans of Naruko and Sasuko (or Saki, as some prefer), either alternatively or together.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I mean the 'sexy' forms of Naruto and Sasuke.

Now, this community accepts any combination of:
Naruto with Sasuko
Sasuke with Naruko
Naruko with Sasuko
or Naruko/Sasuko with anyone else (though this isnt as encouraged).
Of course, you could be inventive and have NarutoNaruko or NarutoNarukoSasuko (threesomes are highly encouraged ;D) or NaruNaruNaruNaruSasuko [we do so love those kage-bunshin!] or something equally differnt. Any combination where one of them has turned themselves into a female is accepted.
Hell, just Naruko or Sasuko on their own is fine too.

- : -

Some rules here are:

- You must undergo an iniation ceremony that includes you running naked through the streets dragging a rubber chicken thats attatched to your ankle.
- Do not flame--constructive criticism is accepted, though, unless the author says otherwise.
- Stay on topic.
- Community whoring is allowed, but, as is said above, somehow keep it on topic.
- Ignore that first rule, unless you want to do it, that is.

- : -

- Include title, characters used, rating, warnings, and whatever else you have to say.
- Art or fanfics with any rating are accepted so long as they are appropraitely labeled.
- USE TAGS. IT IS EASIER FOR ME TO ARCHIVE THINGS -- If you post a fanfic, have a tag with the word 'fanfic', if you post fanart, have a tag with the word 'fanart'. If you are introducing yourself, have a tag with the word 'introduction'. Do not make it 'fan fic' if I say 'fanfic', use exactly what I say as a tag.
Oh, and community whoring, the tag is 'immawhore'. ;3
BY THE WAY, if you forget to do it, its okay, because I just realized that I can too! *__* Ahaha. So dont mind if you find your post with a tag if you didnt put it there. ♥

- : -

Other things:
You can feel free to make an introduction post with things like the name you'd like to go by, birthday (so we can give you gifts <3), what you like about Sasuko/Naruko/whatever, how you got to the comm, and what you have to offer. Anything else you want to say, of course, can be said, and the birthday can be left out if you dont feel like telling.
If you'd like to affiliate with the comm, then contact me.

- : -

MOD - lazynin
aim: lazynin

See a pattern? <3

- : -

naruxsasu -- NarutoSasuke, in that order ♥
naruto_ondo -- SnJ!Comm. Unlike us, not Naruko and Sasuko specific.
inokibasaku -- Obvious enough by the title. A (2/3rds) crackpairing trio.